how to save on winter holidays

Tip №1: Steer clear of popular resorts

Popular resorts tend to overcharge for all services – from housing to the cost of ski passes. Look for small resort areas in the mountains: a suitable slope, a good ski lift and a compact infrastructure – that's basically all you need. Information about ski resorts can be found on such sites as, Ski Central and On the snow. Here you can check the prices, the height and the complexity of the ski slopes, as well as find reviews and ratings of users.

Tip №2: Look for guest houses and small private hotels

Small private hotels, as a rule, offer the same conditions as chained-brand ones, but at a much lower cost. Choosing privately-owned places to stay, you can save on housing by 1.5-2 times.

Kapaonik ski resort, Serbia

The Kopaonik ski resort in Serbia offers not only great atmosphere, but also very attractive prices

Tip №3: Do not spend money on expensive ski passes

Of course, we are not talking about hardcore skiers, planning to spend the whole vacation on the slopes. If you are a beginner or are not sure that you will be on the slopes for the entire holiday, take either one-time passes or mini passes. Also, find out about discounts for ski passes from the hotel administrator. It's great to save on a ski pass if you can buy unused lifts from vacationers leaving the resort.

Tip №4: Learn about bonuses for children

If you are vacationing with children, do not rush to purchase ski passes for them. For example, in many regions of the European Alps, lifts for children are free.

ski holiday with children

Learning how to ski in a group is not only more fun, but also more budget-friendly

Tip №5: Book the transfer in advance

If you are traveling with a family or in a large group, it makes sense to book a transfer from the airport or train station to the resort in advance. The cost of renting a minibus will be lower than individual public transport tickets for everyone.

Tip №6: Use early booking discounts

This includes hotels reservations half a year before the planned date of the trip (you can get a discount of up to 30%), as well as booking package tours to ski resorts. Tours are especially cost-efficient if their price includes transportaion (flight) and transfer to the ski resort.

transfer to the ski resort

Choose resorts least remote from the airport

Tip №7: Give up the additional service

Do not overpay for a hotel with a swimming pool, sauna, gym, spa. At ski resorts these services are quite rarely used, although you can always purchase a one-time visit if necessary.

Tip № 8: Do not overpay for food

In most cases it is irrelevant to use the system «all inclusive» on a winter vacation. Considering that you will be spending a day at the mountain slopes and eat in local cafes and eateries, you can safely take the "HB" (half-board, which is breakfast and dinner) or "HH" (breakfast only). For young people, who plan to spend the minimum time in the hotel, it makes sense to give up eating at the hotel altogether.

aprés-ski bars

In bars aprés-ski you can have a great time, tasting local mulled wine and sharing impressions

Tip №9: Do not take skiing gear on board the plane

The cost of the flight usually takes up a large share of the budget for the trip, and when the checked baggage is added to the ski equipment "round-trip", the price of the ticket increases in total. In order to save money it makes sense to rent equipment or go on a trip by car.

Tip №10: Purchase clothes before the trip

Please note that ski clothing at all ski resorts is certainly more expensive than "at home". Be sure that you come with a ready wardrobe for skiing.

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