№1: You can oversleep

Perhaps, one of the most common reasons to miss that unfortunate morning flight. You can sleep through not only the flight itself, but also the registration, which ends in 40 minutes.

If you still have 25-30 minutes left before departure, you need to flee to the airline representative or urgently find a check-in counter for latecomers - in that case there is still a chance to get on your plane. However, keep in mind that express check-in is a paid service.

№2: You can mix up the airport / date / time of departure

Do you think this can happen to anyone, but not to you? Most people who were late because of this reason had the same opinion. Carefully double-check the month and date of departure when you buy a ticket. If you find a mistake immediately after payment, remember that you have 24 hours to cancel the ticket without penalty. As for the confusion with airports, be especially careful when you buy tickets in different airline companies or through the online booking system.

№3: Short transfer

Try to avoid transfers, shorter than 1 hour, especially if you fly different airlines - even if you only have carry-on baggage, you must at least register for a new flight and run to the boarding. If you have to transfer and you need to receive your baggage, it will be perfect to have at least 2 more hours, and in case of different arrival / departure terminals and large airports, be sure you have 3-4 hours to spare.

№4: You can get lost at the airport

To get lost at unfamiliar airport is not as difficult as it seems. This is especially true for large terminals. Even if you are registered for a flight, your name is likely to be announced on the speakerphone, but the plane will not wait for you forever. If you are in a panic and can not find your gate, contact the airport staff. Firstly, he will guide you to boarding or will tell you how to get there, and, secondly, he will inform that you have been found. In this case, there is a high probability that the airplane will wait for you.

№5: You can get distracted

Headphones in your ears, an interesting book, shops, another cup of coffee and correspondence in social networks - all this can distract you from the most important thing, why you came to the airport. If you are afraid to get distracted and skip the boarding, but do not want to sit at the departure lounge, set the timer on your phone and once in a while look at the time before the boarding.

№6: Long-term control procedures

Keep in mind that some airports are "famous" for the queues and especially the longtime passing control procedures. One of the greatest examples is the airport in Dubai. A slow and long queue at passport control awaits every one who arrives, even if there is a transit ahead. We advise you to read reviews about the work of the airport, and also have extra hour or two for a possible delay. In extreme cases - ask the other passengers to let you go first.

№7: Traffic jams, problems with transport

Even in Europe, sometimes strikes of transport workers happen, and in Australia the road to the airport can even be blocked by the herd of rhinos. You can miss your flight because of traffic jams and other unexpected situations. If there is a chance to get into a heavy traffic, use the metro or express train to get to the airport. In general, just plan a little more time on the road.