good girl gone bad by kilian

Kilian Hennessy, heir to that most famous cognac dynasty, knows nothing about the production of alcoholic beverages. However, he created his own perfume house and generated incredibly successful sales around the world.

Silent Empire

kilian hennessy

You will not see mass advertising of products By Kilian, they do not shoot commercials for these scents, and they are not very much talked about. However, such an elitist policy does not hurt the prosperity of the brand. Yet, it is true that all those who get acquainted with it, become its true and most loyal fans.

Sam Kilian Hennessy agrees that perfumes, released from under the wing of his house are not for everyone. He says they do not try to impose something topical and fashionable on customers, but, on the contrary, create timeless fragrances. Moreover, By Kilian veer away from the traditional division into the male and female perfume lines, and scents can be used, if desired, by both men and women. The perfume ideal of the Kilian house is a unisex fragrance.

Why is it that The Good Girl Goes Bad?

in the garden of good and evil

The release of each collection By Kilian geterates a lot of buzz among resellers, the press and, of course, clients. Not surprisingly, In the Garden of Good & Evil series, first introduced in 2012, instantly caused an unprecedented stir. If for no other reason than the fact that it is based on the biblical theme of the fall of Adam and Eve.

The series included 3 fragrances: In the City of Sin, Good Girl Gone Bad and Forbidden Games . Each of them is provocative in its own way, but among all the fragrances, the female audience especially appreciated Good Girl Gone Bad. Maybe because every girl is looking for something that she personally can relate to.

The storyline of Good Girl Gone Bad tells of a sinner breaking the hearts of men. The bottle is not without purpose made in white, – a symbol of purity and innocence – as if allowing diligent girls more audacity and passion.

Perfume Creation

good girl gone bad

Good Girl Gone Bad belongs to a fruity-floral group. It is a refined, and at the same time, very charismatic scent. Composition includes expensive ingredients: accords of Arabic jasmine, apricot, Chinese osmanthus, May rose, Egyptian narcissus, red cedar, amber and Indian tuberose – one of the most favorite components of the founder of the House By Kilian.

The bottle of each collection, produced by By Kilian, hides in a unique package. The fragrance Good Girl Gone Bad is no exception. It is placed in a white clutch, decorated with a golden snake. Kylian Hennessy suggests using the clutch as intended. That is why the updated collection of the perfume has a more oblong shape matching the size of modern smartphones.

The creator of this fragrance is the cult perfumer Alberto Morillas, with whom Kilian Hennessy has already cooperated with. By the way, Morillas in the 90s came up with the very Aqua di Gio perfume, which is still one of the most popular and recognizable now just like twenty years ago.

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