The Jagermeister story

We would like to tell you about perhaps the most popular German herbal tincture in the world, Jagermeister. Like most herbal tinctures, the story of Jagermeister's creation was based on a purely medicinal purpose. In 1934, an experienced hunter Kurt Mast decided to infuse herbs, roots, and bark of plants for a long time to prepare a “mixture” to improve digestion. Despite the fact that the tincture did not become a medicine, it became a worldwide favorite because of its unique and interesting taste. The drink with a strength of 35% is served either on its own or in cocktails. 

Interestingly, the liqueur contains more than 50 ingredients that are kept in secret. The bitter is created by macerating ingredients of plant origin for 12 months, six months of which the drink is infused in special oak barrels. 

A bottle made of durable green glass is of particular importance, as green glass is designed to protect the drink from intense sunlight, and the strength of the glass should prevent the bottle from breaking if it falls.

The drink gained its worldwide popularity in the 70s thanks to marketing campaigns with world-famous bands such as Metallica, HIM, Slayer, and Nightwish. Also in the same seventies, Jagermeister became a sponsor of the most popular races in the world - Formula 1.

Jagermeister with what to drink

Jagermeister with what to drink

Jagermeister belongs to the class of digestives, so it is served after a meal to improve digestion. When asking what to drink Jagermeister with, it is better to ask after what. The drink is quite strong, as it contains 35% alcohol, and can be consumed as a standalone drink, but most people prefer cocktails based on this liqueur. That is why it is better to drink Jagermeister after a meal. Be careful when drinking Jagermeister, as it promotes quick drunkenness.

In its pure form, the liquor is usually consumed in two ways

  1. Chilled in a single shot

  2. Room temperature in small sips to taste all the subtleties of the complex herbal flavor

Jagermeister with what to mix

Jagermeister with what to mix

  • The most popular way to drink liquor is to combine it with soda, usually in the following proportions: a quarter of the glass is liquor, and the rest is filled with soda. This way, the taste of the bitter becomes softer, but does not lose its uniqueness.

  • If you are not a fan of soda, Jagermeister can be combined with juice. It goes well with orange or apple juice, but there is also an incredible amount of variation for imagination and flavor experiments, how about a liqueur with cherry, pineapple or peach juice? 

  • With beer. Yes, this is another popular way to drink the famous liqueur. Any kind of beer is suitable for the combination, so choose according to your preferences.

  • Shot with vodka. If you're not a fan of long drinks and prefer a quick drunkenness, we recommend you to try a shot with vodka and Jagermeister, and to create an unusual flavor, we recommend to add grenadine syrup.

  • If you are a person who appreciates the unique experience of drinking alcoholic beverages, we recommend trying the liqueur in combination with... spices and sauces! A variant of this cocktail:
    Jägermeister + whiskey + apricot juice + lime juice + mustard + ketchup + a pinch of salt and pepper, or
    Jägermeister + lemon juice + tomato juice + a pinch of salt, paprika, mid-Maritime herbs, Tabasco + horseradish + celery. Believe us, after this combination of ingredients, your taste buds will be amazed.

  • If you want to enjoy the bitter liqueur, but its taste is too sharp and strong for you, you can add syrup, such as vanilla, to the liqueur, so the taste will open up to you from a different angle.

  • Jagermeister with ice cream. There are two variants of this dessert: small balls of ice cream are added to the shot with liqueur, or a portion of ice cream is generously poured on top with liqueur. But keep in mind that this dessert not only tastes interesting, but is also very strong.

  • If you still haven't decided what to combine Jagermeister with, we recommend adding it to your coffee. There are many coffee lovers who enjoy coffee with cognac, whiskey, and even sambuca, so why not try to emphasize the strong taste of coffee with a bitter and aromatic liqueur?

Jagermeister how to identify a fake

Jagermeister how to identify a fake

To detect a fake Jagermeister, you should know that the drink is produced in Germany in sizes ranging from 40 ml to 1 liter, and anything outside of this range should be alarming. Also, since the liquor production factories are located exclusively in Germany, the original Jagermeister looks the same in all countries.

  1. The first thing you should notice is the branded bottle, a deep dark green bottle made of durable glass with a short bottleneck. 

  2. The bottle's lid is also colored in deep green with a golden crown. In addition, each original cap is signed by the creator of Jagermeister, Kurt Mast. 

  3. Logo. The company logo depicts a deer with a shining cross between its antlers. The founders were inspired to choose this logo by an ancient German legend. According to the story, St. Hubert, the patron saint of hunters, saw a deer with a Catholic cross between its antlers while walking in the forest on Christmas Eve, after which Hubert joined a monastery and soon became a bishop.

  4. Imprint. Each bottle of the drink has a Jagermeister imprint on it, which not only allows you to identify the drink, but also gives you confidence in the originality of the bottle's contents.

  5. Label. Each label of the drink bears a sentence from a poem by Julius Adolf Oskar von Riesenthal, a famous German forester, ornithologist and writer. The lines can be translated as "It is a matter of honor for a hunter to treat wild game with respect and care, to hunt as it should be, honoring the Creator in every living thing."

  6. The color of the drink is dark and rich brown with herbal aromas of clover, anise, and citrus.

Jägermeister cocktails

Jägermeister cocktails

Cocktails with Jägermeister are a special kind of drink. Incredible combinations of ingredients create unique flavors that are different from anything else. We will share with you recipes for the simplest Jagermeister cocktails you can make at home.

  1. Jägerbomb. The most popular cocktail among German youth, it has a pleasant taste and allows you to stay at the party longer, it requires:
    Jagermeister - 50 ml;
    Energy drink (RedBull) - 100 ml. If this drink is too strong for you, the proportion can be changed to ⅓.

  2. In the United States of America, the Jagermonster cocktail has gained popularity, it has a bright citrus aftertaste and relatively low strength, so you will need some ingredients to taste it:
    Jagermeister - 30 ml;
    Grenadine - 30 ml;
    Orange juice - 200 ml;
    Ice - 200 grams.

  3. Cucumber. This cocktail is a favorite among bar culture connoisseurs all over the world, with a unique fresh herbal and cucumber flavor that will not leave you unimpressed. For this cocktail you need:
    Jagermeister - 50 ml;
    Cucumber - 1 piece;
    Sprite - 150 ml;
    Ice - 150 grams.

  4. Jagerita. Cocktail for lovers of strong drinks consists of:
    Jagermeister - 15 ml;
    Tequila - 15 ml;
    Cointreau liqueur - 15 ml;
    Lime juice - 20 ml;
    Ice - 200 grams.

  5. Marinesca. Another relatively "light" cocktail with Jägermeister. It will require:
    Lime juice - 50 ml;
    Orange juice - 50 ml;
    Grapefruit juice - 50 ml;
    Jagermeister - 50 ml. 

  6. Black Apple. An adaptation of the world-famous Old Fashioned cocktail with the addition of Jagermeister. The drink warms perfectly on cold days thanks to its apple and spicy flavor. For the recipe you need:
    Jagermeister - 45 ml;
    Brandy - 30 ml;
    Bitters - 4 ml;
    Ice - to taste.

  7. California surfer. Simple and one of the most popular Cocktail with Jagermeister. It requires:
    Jagermeister - 30 ml;
    Coconut rum - 30 ml;
    Pineapple juice - 30 ml;
    Ice - to taste. 

  8. Pumpkin martini with spices. An original variation of one of the most popular drinks in the world. Spicy flavor with a strong taste of rye whiskey. To create this strong cocktail you will need:
    Jagermeister - 7.5 ml;
    Whiskey - 45 ml;
    Pumpkin liqueur - 45 ml;
    Triple Sec liqueur - 15 ml;
    Egg white - 1 piece;
    Bitters - 1 ml;
    Nutmeg and ground cinnamon - to taste.


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