Tips for beginner travelers

An exciting trip is the best way to discover the world and enrich your life experience. For those who are just starting to discover the world, we have collected some of the most important and useful tips to help make your travels unforgettable and safe.

We also took advice for beginner travelers from our own experience, because each of us was once a "pioneer" in our lives

  • Plan ahead: Plan your trip well in advance, including your route, accommodation, and travel hours. The best way to do this is to use various apps on your phone, such as Notion, or the usual notebooks - planners. 

  • Travel plan: Create a schedule including hotel reservations, transportation tickets, and a list of attractions you want to visit.

  • Research: Learn about the culture, history, and traditions of the place you're traveling to. This will help you better understand your surroundings and avoid trouble. After all, what is acceptable in your home country is not always the norm in the country where you plan to arrive.

  • Pack light: Do not overload your luggage. Take only the things you need, as excessive luggage can be inconvenient and cost extra money. Trust us, you'll want to buy a lot of souvenirs or "keepsakes" anyway, so save some space for them.

  • Health: Try to have a basic first aid kit and the necessary medications for immediate care. Also, don't forget to bring medicines that you need in your daily life, like vitamins. The main thing is to take exactly as much as you personally need for the period of travel, because you may have to pay an additional fee for extra medicines. 

  • Language: Learn a few basic phrases of the local language - it is always appreciated. You have repeatedly noticed when foreigners in your home country greet or thank you in your language, it is always nice! Of course, learning a language in a short period of time is very difficult, almost impossible. This is where mobile translation apps come in.

  • Safety: Follow local safety rules and avoid dangerous places.

  • Communication: Always keep a charged phone and a copy of important documents. Take power banks with you and make sure they are in proper working order and charged. Also, before traveling to another country, check out the roaming rules so that you are not caught off guard or buy a local SIM card to stay connected while traveling.

  • Food and water: Avoid eating out and drink water only from reliable sources, no matter how incredibly clean a spring in the mountains may seem to you - prefer bottled water from the store to avoid poisoning.

  • Help: Find the contacts of local emergency services, hopefully you won't need them, but in case you do, you'll be prepared. Write down the contacts of the travel agency as well as your country's consular support in case of emergencies.

  • Map: Always have a map of the area or a mobile app with maps. Nowadays, it is especially important to be able to use map apps, firstly, it is very convenient, because they usually also mark all the most interesting places. Secondly, it will save you a lot of time instead of walking in circles. Plus, you'll never get lost.

  • Keep an open mind: Try new foods, talk to the locals, and be open to new experiences.

  • Take photos: Take a lot of photos, take photos of yourself, on sad evenings you will be happy to look at these shots at home and remember your travels. But don't forget to live at the moment, stop and watch, listen to everything you like and capture it in your memory.

  • Visiting sights: Visit the landmarks and cultural attractions, but don't forget the lesser-known but fascinating places. Preserve monuments, nature, and local culture in a way that is sustainable.

Where to shop before your trip

Where to shop before your trip

Before you go on a trip, it's important to take care of certain essentials in advance. So, let's take a look at where you should shop to ensure comfort and safety during your trip.

There are a few places you should shop before your journey to prepare for your travel: 

  • Pharmacy: Make sure you have the necessary medications and a first aid kit just in case.

  • Supermarket: Buy necessary food for the road, such as snacks, drinking water, and other supplies.

  • Travel store: If you need a new suitcase, travel accessories, or quality clothing and shoes for your travels.

  • Bank or exchange office: Exchange money for local currency and bring your payment cards and cash.

  • Sunscreen and mosquito repellent: Depending on your destination, these products can be very useful.

  • Electronics store: Download useful travel apps on your smartphone and make sure you have all the necessary chargers.

  • Official documentation: Make sure you have all the necessary documents, such as passport, visa, accommodation reservations, etc.

  • Travel insurance: Purchase medical and travel insurance for safety while traveling.

How to prepare for a trip to another country

How to prepare for a trip to another country

Preparing for a trip to another country is an important step that will help ensure comfort and safety during your trip. Here are some steps you should follow:

  • Passport and visa: Make sure your passport is valid and has the required expiration date. If you need a visa for the country you are traveling to, make sure you apply for it in advance.

  • Health insurance: Purchase health insurance that covers the necessary range of emergencies for the duration of your trip.

  • Immunizations and medical check-ups: Make sure you have the required immunizations for your destination country. Get a medical checkup and visit a doctor for a consultation before you leave.

  • Documents and copies: Make copies of important documents such as passport, visa, insurance, and other documents. Keep them separately from the originals.

Tips for a beginner before traveling

Tips for a beginner before traveling

Perhaps the best part  of all the preparations is packing your suitcase. We have prepared checklists for you to help you start packing your things, keep an eye out, use them, and save them for the future.

What to take in your suitcase:

  • For oral care: 

Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss

  • Face and body care:

Face wash, day cream, night cream, shower gel or soap. Do not take the entire arsenal with you unnecessarily, so as not to overload your suitcase, 

  • Hair products:

Shampoo, balm, oil (or other product that will help protect your hair from UV light), hairbrush.

Also, you can use ready-made mini travel kits and buy them at Duty Free stores.

  • Clothes and shoes: 

Prepare a wardrobe for a specific climate and type of travel, take comfortable and convenient things, because a photo shoot in beautiful and uncomfortable shoes can turn into foot pain by the end of the vacation. Be sure to check the local weather before you go on a trip, and take a few warm clothes with you in case the weather changes suddenly.

What to pack in your hand luggage:
Be sure to bring wipes, both dry and wet, as you may not have time or opportunity to wash your hands on the road, so also pack an antiseptic in your carry-on. 

Chargers, cables, things with batteries, if you are traveling by plane - such things cannot be put in the luggage compartment, so it is better to take them all on board. 


Plan your food and water according to your travel time. When traveling by bus, it is better to stock up on both water and snacks, as it will not always be possible to stop and buy something at a gas station. 

When traveling by plane, please note that after passport control, all food and water must be thrown away for safety reasons, so you can take no more than 150 ml of liquids on board - the rest will have to be thrown away, whether it is water, perfume, toothpaste, etc. Also, carefully read the information on restrictions from your airline, as this information may differ. 

Most importantly, don't worry if you forgot to put something in your suitcase, we assure you with almost 100% probability that you can always pre-order a comb, charger or something else on Mydutyfree or buy it in a supermarket near your accommodation for your trip :)

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