The best countries to travel in summer

The long-awaited summer has finally started, and many people are thinking about where they can go on vacation with their children or relax themselves. Despite the situation in Ukraine, we shouldn't forget about the background level of stress that is constantly pressing. In order not to burn out at work, to support the army and the country's economy, it is definitely worth having a vacation, especially if you have the opportunity, which is why we have collected for you the top interesting countries for summer vacation in 2023.


There are several options for traveling from Ukraine: 

  • by car

Advantages: you build your own route based on your preferences. You can monitor the queues at the border online and choose the most favorable day and border crossing point for yourself. You manage your time and the way you should spend it. If you want to stop anywhere along the way, you can afford it. 

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Disadvantages: traveling abroad takes a lot of time, so driving alone can be very tiring. Be careful on the roads, at the first sign of fatigue, be sure to rest before driving again, and take a companion with you who will be able to control your condition and take over the driving if necessary.

  • by bus

The advantage of traveling by bus is, of course, that all organizational issues of transportation are handled directly by the carrier, you just need to sit on the bus.

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Disadvantages: a long journey in one position causes physical discomfort, so take care of this in advance. To be able to rest on the road, be sure to take a neck pillow, earplugs, and a sleep mask with you so you can sleep well on the bus. We also recommend wearing compression stockings to avoid swelling and fatigue in your legs.

  • by train

Advantages: In our opinion, traveling by train is the most convenient option today. You can sleep comfortably, many trains have a dining car where you can eat, and of course, each car has a thermos of boiling water and branded cup holders, so you can make yourself tea or coffee at any time.


Disadvantages: Buying a train ticket and traveling comfortably is still a quest. You need to monitor the availability of such tickets and buy them as soon as possible.

Rating of countries to travel in summer



Poland ranks first in the ranking of countries for summer travel. Those who have not been to this country will definitely have a lot to see. Rich history, incredible architecture, and 16 UNESCO World Heritage sites are located in Poland.

Holidays in Poland are considered one of the most affordable in Europe, which makes this country even more attractive to tourists.

Cities to visit

  1. Krakow is one of the most popular cities in Poland, the city has numerous historical monuments, such as the Wawel Castle and the old market. In Krakow you can see the famous Oskar Schindler factory, which was able to save many lives during the Second World War.
  2. Warsaw is the capital of Poland, where you can visit the Royal Castle and the Royal Lazienki Park. We advise you to set aside a lot of time to visit the park, because it covers a large area and was built by Polish King Stanislaw Augustus Poniatowski in the 18th century. The Old Town area is also worth a visit. It is incredible that it was completely destroyed during the Second World War and then almost identically reconstructed from 18th century images. For this, it is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
  3. Auschwitz-Birkenau is a sad but historically important place from the Second World War. Everyone should visit this museum to understand the events of the Second World War.  The terrible genocide of the Jewish people took place here. There is a museum-monument that reflects the history of the Holocaust.
  4. Zakopane is a mountain resort where you can enjoy the beautiful Tatra Mountains and spend time outdoors. You can also visit it in summer, as the mountain scenery and nature acquire a special summer charm.
  5. Wroclaw is a city with numerous bridges and canals, a kind of Polish Venice, where you can find many historical monuments, such as the Market Square and the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. Another interesting feature of Wroclaw is its gnomes. In 2001, the first bronze gnome appeared in the city, and these figures were so popular with locals and tourists that today there are more than 300 of them. Each gnome has its own unique story, and there are also popular excursion routes to find all the bronze figurines in Wroclaw.



  1. Vilnius. Getting to know Lithuania is better in its capital, Vilnius. The old part of the city began its formation in the Middle Ages, and more than 4 square kilometers of the old town are on the UNESCO World Heritage List for their unique architecture. Here you can find incredible churches, old houses, and many historical monuments at every turn.
  2. Curonian Spit. A unique place in Europe, a sandy piece of land that stretches for 98 km. It is surrounded by the salty Baltic Sea on one side and the fresh waters of the Curonian Lagoon on the other. The spit combines white sandy beaches with dense forests.
  3. Kaunas. The old capital of the Republic of Lithuania attracts thousands of tourists every year. A permanent settlement on this site was formed as early as the 10th century AD, and the first mention of Kaunas dates back to 1361 in written sources. You can see many historical monuments here. The old part of the city stands on an unusually beautiful spot at the confluence of the Neman and Neris rivers. Like most European medieval cities, Kaunas was built around the Kaunas Castle, which functioned as a defense against the Teutonic Order. Today you can still see this castle built in the 1300s.
  4. Klaipeda. Another fascinating city in Lithuania. Located on the shores of the Baltic Sea, Klaipeda has a different history from other Lithuanian cities, as the city was part of Germany until 1923. This was reflected in the culture and architecture of the city. Klaipeda has a large seaport, as well as several resorts on the Baltic Sea.
  5. Aukštaitė National Park. With an area of more than 400 square kilometers, the park has more than 100 lakes connected by small rivers and streams. The main point of interest of this park is Mount Ladakalnis. It is not only a natural landmark, but also a historically significant place - rituals dedicated to the Slavic goddess Lada were held on this mountain.



Austria is also among the top countries for summer vacation.

  1. Vienna. The Austrian capital has a huge number of historical monuments. The incredible architecture will not leave anyone indifferent. Almost every building in the city you can admire for a long time. In summer, St. Stephen's Cathedral is a must-see in Vienna. An impressive Gothic building with many details, from July to September every Saturday there are guided tours inside the cathedral, so you can get to the attic with an amazing view of the city. Also, the cathedral has a huge system of underground catacombs that can also be visited.
  2. Salzburg. Of course, the first thing that comes to mind in Salzburg is the Hohensalzburg fortress. It can be seen from almost every corner of the city, and it is from this fortress that an excellent view of the city opens up. The fortress itself is the largest castle in Central Europe that has been preserved. Just imagine that it was built in 1077!
  3. Hallstatt. A small town located in the Alps on the shores of a mountain lake. Fairy-tale houses and a combination of the old town with incredible nature - a place worth visiting for everyone.
  4. High Tower. A national park that covers an area of 181,500 hectares. It is located in a place of unbelievable beauty, on the highest ridge of the Alps. The mountains here reach a height of over 3000 meters. The park has many paths for experienced climbers, beginners, and those who just like to enjoy beautiful views. These paths lead to the Holling and Kriml waterfalls and the Lichtensteinklamm mountain gorge.
  5. Semmering Railway. It is still an active railroad that is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. It was the first railroad in the world that was built in the mountains. As almost half of Austria's territory is covered by the Alps, the need for such a railroad was high. To achieve its construction, more than 100 stone bridges were built, 14 tunnels were cut inside the mountains, and 16 viaducts were constructed.



  1. Bratislava. It is not only the capital of Slovakia, but also the cradle of many nations, such as Slovaks, Czechs, Hungarians, and Germans. Accordingly, the city developed under the influence of many nationalities and cultures. That is why you will be pleasantly surprised by the diversity and uniqueness of Bratislava.
  2. Nitra. The center of Slovak Christianity. There are many cathedrals in this small city. The first mention of the city dates back to the 9th century AD. 
  3. Banská Bystrica. A city that gained popularity in the Middle Ages due to copper mining. Today, this city resembles a fairy-tale due to its architecture, which reflects the times of the late Middle Ages.
  4. The Tatras. Part of the country is located on the High and Low Tatras. Slovaks enjoy hiking in the mountains. That is why you should definitely visit the mountain scenery. You can find many trails of varying levels of difficulty, but each of them will definitely lead you to incredible views.
  5. Košice. The second-largest city in Slovakia. Architecture lovers will surely find something to see here. There are only 97 km from Uzhhorod to Kosice, which can be reached by car or bus.



Romania is among the best and most affordable countries to travel in the summer.

  1. Bran Castle. Better known as Dracula's Castle is located in the mysterious and beautiful Romania. The castle was built in the 14th century for defense. The governor Vlad Cepes-Dracula, who became the prototype of the world-famous Count Dracula, often stayed there. The building has long labyrinthine corridors, and you can get to the underground rooms from the well. 
  2. The historical center of Sibiu. The place is a candidate for the title of UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city is conditionally divided into two parts: the upper part, where historical monuments are concentrated and where many wealthy citizens lived, and the lower part, where you can still reconstruct the lives of ordinary artisans and craftsmen of those times.
  3. Corwin Castle. It was built in the 15th century on the place of a small fortification. During its existence, the castle was owned by more than 20 families, each of which completed and changed the building in their own way. That's why you can see a blend of architectural styles from the Renaissance to the Neo-Gothic. Now the castle has a museum that you can enter by crossing a huge bridge.
  4. Black Church in Brasov. The city is located at the foothills of the beautiful Transylvanian hills. The church got its name because of a fire during the Great Turkish War. Nowadays, the Black Church is still functioning, but tourists are welcome inside, where they can see the incredible interior decorated with frescoes, sculptures, and carpets.
  5. Bucharest. The Romanian capital has a lot of historical monuments, such as the Stavropol Church, which attracts people from all over Europe to see unique religious relics, such as the relics of the Apostles Andrew and Peter. The church is decorated in the best combination of Byzantine and Romanian architectural trends.

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